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Medicaid planning: State reps ask governor to back expansion

For many families, thinking about long-term care is not high on their list of priorities. However, that doesn't make those choices any less important. It is often crucial for those who have a disability, no matter what their age may be, for their families to determine how to care for that person and to consider Medicaid planning. This may be why some Florida legislators have appealed to Governor Ron DeSantis to expand to help a larger portion of the state population

Budget increase may help with Medicaid planning

Many people assume that planning for medical expenses is reserved for only those who are elderly, but that is not the case. No matter the age, people with disabilities often have different medical needs than the general population. These needs can translate to higher costs, which are often offset by Medicare. Even with government assistance, families have to consider long-term strategies for caring for loved ones with disabilities. Fortunately, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed a budget increase to Medicaid that may help more families with Medicaid planning.

Trusts are an effective part of Medicaid planning

Planning for the possibility of needing long-term medical care is something few do in Florida or across the country. Some postpone this planning because they simply don't want to deal with the task and its implications. Other do not believe they will need long-term care. Unfortunately, those who reach the age of 65 have a 70% chance of requiring some kind of extensive health care or related support for the rest of their lives. Those who have not done any Medicaid planning may be in a desperate situation.

Medicaid planning: Lyft allowed to transport Medicaid recipients

The increased care needs of senior citizens are something that many families have to deal with. It can be difficult to ensure that older people's needs are properly met. Careful consideration of Medicaid planning can mean a huge difference for elders who may not be able to take care of themselves the way that they used to do. Fortunately, there are also modern solutions for these problems. Florida recently passed a law that will allow the rideshare company Lyft to provide Medicaid beneficiaries with transportation.

Medicaid planning important part of an estate plan

Families in Florida who are affected by Alzheimer's or dementia know just how much work it can be to provide for a disabled family member. However, most families want whatever is best for their loved one and will do what it takes to ensure that they receive proper care. There are several things that experts recommend that families should do when establishing disability or Medicaid planning for someone with dementia.

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