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I Give My Clients A Voice

In Florida, mediation is a required step of the divorce process, and for many families, reaching a settlement in mediation is more favorable than going to litigation. When soon-to-be ex-spouses are able to work together to reach an agreement, they’re often able to get a better outcome than if a decision is handed down from a judge.

Because mediation is designed to be between the two parties, I stay out of the conversation as much as possible. When clients contact the Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P.A., I work with them in mediation, but my voice will not be the most prominent voice in the discussion.

I do not overshadow my clients, but if my clients are shy or afraid to speak, I’ll help ensure their voices are heard. A good family lawyer will not try to dominate the conversation, but he or she will ensure his or her clients’ voices are heard.

Contact An Experienced Collaborative Law Lawyer

I know that most of my clients in Destin and throughout Okaloosa County can achieve the most favorable results in mediation. I work with clients to resolve all matters of divorce in mediation, including time-sharing and support arrangements, as well as division of marital property. However, if I don’t think mediation is the right place to resolve a dispute, I won’t push it.

If you are interested in learning more about the representation an experienced attorney can provide, contact me online or call 850-502-2047 to schedule your consultation.