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Protecting Vulnerable Elders From Nursing Home Abuse

The state of Florida is home to more than 4.9 million residents over the age of 60. Some of those older adults live in nursing homes and are unable to care for themselves or live independently. While most nursing homes comply with the stringent state and federal regulations that govern their operation, it is possible for a nursing home resident to suffer injuries or even death due to the inappropriate behavior of staff.

If you are concerned about the treatment of an older relative in a nursing home, I can help. I am attorney Donald Witmyer and my law firm, the Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P.A., puts its Christian values into action by providing advocacy for families confronting nursing home abuse and other cases of elder neglect.

If you select me as your lawyer on this matter, I will carefully research and aggressively represent your elderly relative’s case in court. I can also represent older adults who have been exploited by con artists or abused in settings outside of a nursing home.

Recognize The Signs Of Abuse Or Neglect

If an older adult has been abused or neglected, some of the most common signs of physical mistreatment or neglect can include:

  • Bedsores
  • Bruises, cuts, or welts
  • Dehydration/malnutrition
  • Soiled clothing or bed

At times, abuse or neglect may not manifest in physical signs, but the elder may present mental symptoms that include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Hesitancy to speak openly or freely
  • Withdrawal or depression
  • Heightened fear, anxiety or agitation

Seeking Justice For Vulnerable Older Adults

Florida statutes endow nursing home residents with rights that seek to preserve both their safety and their independence, and protect them from injury or exploitation. State law also allows older adults to pursue civil litigation when their rights have been abrogated.

The statute of limitations related to nursing home abuse allows you and your family two years from the date of the incident causing harm to bring a lawsuit. If it is determined the abuse was being covered up, you may have up to four years from the time of abuse to file a suit.

My Firm Will Stand Up For The Elderly

If you suspect nursing home abuse or elder neglect, now is the time to act. Call my office in Destin at 850-502-2047 or use my online contact form to make an appointment today.