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Christian Values

I think it is important to let you know a little bit about my value system because it defines who I am. As you may have read throughout the website I am a Christian man — a Christ follower. To some of you that may be enough said. However, to others that may raise an eyebrow along with some very important questions.

Allow me to explain — As a Christ follower I do my best to live by the standards of Jesus Christ established with his life. If you looked at the life of Christ you would see a man who extended compassion and mercy to people who were hurting and broken. You will likewise find in me an uncommon degree of compassion for you and the struggles you are facing. Simply stated — I care. You and your case will be very important to me.

You would also see in Christ a man who did not judge others. That is important because I too believe everyone should be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation and what family decisions he or she is facing. We are imperfect people faced with many challenges in this life. I welcome the opportunity to help you deal with your present legal challenges, whatever they may be.

If you are unfamiliar with Christ, you may not know how strong and outspoken an advocate he was. Jesus Christ zealously opposed the established order of his day and made the ultimate sacrifice with his life so that we could be saved and forgiven of our sins. While I certainly cannot offer such a sacrifice for my clients, I can offer hard work, commitment and most importantly, strong, and when necessary, outspoken representation. Christ was not soft or weak, nor am I.

Lastly, let me assure you the purpose of this disclosure is not to be “churchy”. The purpose is simply to let you know more about who I am and who will be representing you. And while I am always happy to talk about Christ and faith, my efforts will be focused on doing the best I can to help you with your legal issues.