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Military divorce rate continues steady decline

The divorce rate for active duty troops has been on a slow decline for 10 years, according to a Rand Corporation researcher. This trend could have an impact on military personnel in Florida. The overall military divorce rate is computed by comparing the number of service members who were married at the beginning of the year with the number who reported getting divorced by the end of the year. The Pentagon maintains data broken down by branch of service, gender and officer or enlisted.

Divorce rates may be linked to financial disparities

Women in Florida are achieving substantial career success far more frequently than in the past, largely as a result of social changes that have advanced women's involvement in the workplace. However, some of the social messages that have inhibited women's achievement may continue to play a role in affecting interpersonal relationships. For example, one study shows that divorce is 33% more likely for couples in which the wife out-earns the husband. Of course, a number of issues that go beyond a disparity in income may contribute to divorce.

How divorce impacts a credit score

Those in Florida and throughout the country who are going through a divorce have many issues that they need to resolve. Individuals may need to take steps to keep their credit scores intact before, during and after their marriages come to an end. It is important to understand that getting a divorce has no impact on a credit score. However, it can be tricky to determine who will be responsible for paying down a joint debt.

Steps to take after divorce

Florida couples who are getting a divorce may not be finished with paperwork even after the divorce is finalized. From changing names to revising estate plans and more, there is usually still more work ahead. One step people should take is updating passwords on all digital accounts.

How to co-parent after a divorce

For some Florida parents, it's challenging to raise a child with someone they don't necessarily get along with. This is a common situation after a divorce. However, the key to parenting after a split is to understand that the child's best interest should be the top priority. Assuming that neither parent is abusive, they should both be active in the kid's life.

Divorce for older couples can strain finances

Divorce for a Florida couple of any age creates a great deal of stress in many areas of their respective lives. The emotional upheaval that accompanies the ending of a marriage cannot be minimized, but in many cases the reality of the situation dictates that the split is the right thing to do for all concerned. Even so, creating two households from one is not necessarily an easy task. This is decidedly more difficult when the individuals involved are older and retirement is looming in the not too distant future.

Older couples should consider prenuptial agreements

When an older couple in Florida considers a subsequent marriage, a prenuptial agreement or 'prenup" should be given serious consideration. For those who have accumulated substantial assets prior to the marriage, a prenup can be a versatile tool when considering financial matters.

Dealing with dividing a business during divorce

When people in Florida who own a business get a divorce, they must determine what the business is worth and how it will be divided. Accurate valuation is important. An appraiser might be recommended by a financial or legal professional, or they could be part of a professional society of appraisers.

Study examines divorce risk for cohabiting couples

When Florida couples live together before they get married, they might experience something that researchers have dubbed the "premarital cohabitation effect". This refers to the fact that they might have a higher likelihood of struggling in their marriage if they have lived together before marriage.

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