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VA benefits can help pay for long-term care

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Blog, Veterans' Benefits

Long-term care for older adults in Florida is expensive no matter where you go, as Medicare or Medicaid do not pay for many services. However, if you or your spouse were a member of the United States military, you may be able to use your veteran’s benefits to help offset the cost of needed care.

Eligibility for VA benefits

To be eligible to apply for veterans’ benefits for long-term care, you must receive a pension from the Veterans Administration. Veterans can apply for a pension at the same time they apply for long-term care benefits.

Two VA programs can help pay for long-term care. These are the Aid and Attendance benefit and the Housebound allowance. The Aid and Attendance benefit is a tax-free payment added to your monthly VA pension. It can be used to pay for in-home care, an assisted living community, or a private nursing home if you are 65 or older. The Housebound allowance provides benefits if you spend most of your time at home because of a permanent disability. You may also qualify for short-term or long-term care in a VA nursing home if you are too disabled or elderly to care for yourself.

Determining which VA benefit is right for you

The VA has a range of benefits that you or your spouse can access if you meet eligibility requirements. Applying for these benefits can be confusing and must follow a specific process. If you don’t apply correctly, your benefits may be denied.

In some circumstances, you may not be able to combine benefits to pay for long-term care. Thus, you must determine which program will be most beneficial for your needs and provide the greatest monetary relief when accessing long-term care and getting the benefits you deserve for serving your country.