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How much does a guardianship cost in Florida

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Blog, Guardianships

Sometimes Florida courts will appoint guardians when an individual isn’t able to take care of themselves anymore. This can be due to a decline in mental facilities or because of a life-altering accident or injury.

A guardian will oversee the general care of the individual, such as making decisions about their healthcare and looking after them as if they were a child. So they’re responsible for feeding, clothing, housing and supervising this individual – which can be costly for any person to take on.

How expensive is it to appoint a guardian?

There are several steps to legally appointing a guardian to an individual. This comes in the form of filing fees and attorney fees, both of which depend heavily on how long it takes the court to go through the process.

How long the process of appointing a guardian takes depends heavily on the individual case. There’s also the process of determining whether the individual actually needs a guardian, which can also be complicated depending on the individual.

Who pays for guardianship fees?

Sometimes the cost can come from the individual themselves, especially if they’ve already addressed a scenario in their estate plan. However, the person seeking to become a guardian often ends up paying a lot of the initial fees and costs.

There’s also the actual cost of caring for the person after the guardianship has been set. This can be very expensive if the individual hasn’t left any money for the guardian to use to help aid in their care outside of their social security benefits.

Reducing the cost

The hefty cost and burden of taking care of someone as they get older is why a lot of older Americans are setting money aside for their guardians in their estate plan. This can help make the process smoother and ease the burden for their loved ones.