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What important legal documents should seniors draw up?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Elder Law

The Sunshine State is the ultimate destination for many older adults. Perhaps you are one of them. From the beautiful weather to agreeable taxation to the welcoming residents, Florida has a great deal to offer seniors. Destin and the Florida Panhandle have the added beauty of being more relaxed than some of the busier areas of the state.

Because so many choose to live here, Florida ends up being the site of many legal actions for seniors as well. Even if you have made some important legal decisions in the past, it is essential to make sure they agree with Florida law.

What are the necessary legal documents for Florida seniors?

Sometimes older adults have a distaste for these important documents. Still, you should complete them at a relaxed, thoughtful time rather than waiting until a time of need:

  • Your last will and testament. Only you know how you want your estate handled. A well-drawn will has the virtue of preventing uncertainty and disputes.
  • Your living will/advanced directive. This important document is to enforce your choices for your life when you cannot voice them.
  • Your power of attorney. There are several versions of this document. They all appoint someone to make decisions about your health, your finances and your estate when you cannot.

Why is Florida a good destination for seniors?

In addition to the qualities that most older adults associate with Florida, it has long been a state that understands and cares for its senior residents. Florida laws have many special statutes intended to provide for the unique legal needs of seniors.