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The reasons why every parent needs a will

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Blog, Estate Planning

No one wants to think about death, but you do need to do some things to prepare for it if you have children. One way Florida parents can do this is by having a will. Here are several reasons why every parent needs to have a will.

Caring for your minor children

If something happens to you, it’s imperative that you already have chosen someone to raise your children. This can do this by naming someone in your will to act as your children’s guardian after you die.

Distributing your finances

When you die, you will leave behind all of your financial assets. You will most likely want them to go to your children and their guardian, but they might actually end up going to someone else if you don’t state this in your will. You can choose to have specific people receive all of the money at once, or you can also have some of the money set aside to pay for future expenses like college.

Settling your estate

Many individuals have all sorts of items that they want their children and other loved ones to receive when they die. During your estate planning, you can choose what items go to which people in your will. By having a will, you will lessen the amount of confusion as to who gets each of your items after you die.

As a parent, you need to make sure that your children are taken care of in the event of your untimely death. You can easily do this by creating a will. An attorney can help you create a will that puts the best interest of your children first.