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How should you discuss end-of-life wishes with adult children?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Estate Planning

The age of retirement is on the horizon, and you look forward to enjoying your golden years. That said, you also realize that now is the time for you to tend to your estate planning needs. Have you finalized your end-of-life wishes? If so, have you shared them with your adult children?

Brain & Life magazine offers tips and insights to help you communicate your desires to your loved ones. Let there be no confusion regarding the type and extension of health care you want to receive and other end-of-life matters.

Overcoming obstacles

Understandably, you may hesitate in discussing the end of your life with your adult children. Despite the difficulty, you all need to have the conversation. You do not want your loved ones to struggle to figure out what medical treatment you would like if you cannot speak for yourself. Eliminate confusion and potential regret for the most important people in your life.

Explaining medical decisions

Besides your children, discuss end-of-life decisions with your primary physician. That way, you can better decide which medical treatments and procedures you prefer should you become incapacitated. Additionally, you may want to sit down with your kids alongside your doctor to further explain your healthcare decisions.

Recording your decisions 

Once you decide on your end-of-life care and discuss it with your adult children and physician, record your decisions. Work with a legal advocate to design a living will and designate a healthcare power of attorney. You may even want to make a voice recording of your desires. Whatever you decide, be sure your loved ones can easily access all necessary legal paperwork.

Exercise your right to age and receive medical treatment according to your desires. Use these tips to overcome hesitations about sharing your end-of-life wishes with your children.