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Estate plans and memorial preferences

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | Estate Planning

There are various issues to think about when creating an estate plan, such as how to divide assets among beneficiaries and the type of estate plan that will suit one’s needs best. However, people should think about end of life issues while creating their estate plan (or making revisions due to a change of heart). For example, people need to think about their memorial preferences (or last wishes) and ensure that these preferences are clearly outlined in their estate plan.

Some people decide that cremation is best, while others prefer a burial. It is imperative to outline these preferences in an estate plan in order to make life easier for family members and ensure that loved ones are able to move forward with funeral arrangements properly. Moreover, other factors to consider with regard to memorial preferences include memorial donations made to charities, religious ceremonies and organ donation. Everyone has different wishes when it comes to memorial preferences and it is imperative to document these matters in an estate plan.

From selecting a funeral home to appointing an individual to carry out one’s last wishes, planning funeral services and providing instructions with regard to the scattering of ashes, there are many different factors that people need to consider when looking over these aspects of the end of life. Everyone is different when it comes to what they want and loved ones sometimes struggle with these decisions if their family member failed to account for these issues in their estate plan. Browse through our website to go over other topics on end of life matters and estate planning.