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Budget increase may help with Medicaid planning

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Medicaid Planning

Many people assume that planning for medical expenses is reserved for only those who are elderly, but that is not the case. No matter the age, people with disabilities often have different medical needs than the general population. These needs can translate to higher costs, which are often offset by Medicare. Even with government assistance, families have to consider long-term strategies for caring for loved ones with disabilities. Fortunately, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently proposed a budget increase to Medicaid that may help more families with Medicaid planning.

The proposed budget increase would allocate almost $95 million more to Medicaid for those who have a disability. He also wants to allocate almost $240 million for the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to make up for deficits there. Around 1,200 people that have been waitlisted will become eligible for a program that offers services to those in need that can be used in their home or community. The plan also includes provisions that will make it easier to import lower cost medication from outside the country.

One disadvantage is that the budget increase wouldn’t be used for hospitals or nursing homes. However, the plan still has support from several organizations, including the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida. The budget also includes money to combat the opioid crisis as well as authorizing the Department of Health to use federal grant money in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Even with this good news about increases in Medicaid spending here in Florida, people would still benefit from thinking about the future in regards to anyone in their family with a disability. For those who are unsure of exactly what to do, an attorney with experience in Medicaid planning may be able to help. It is important that families have peace of mind in regards to their loved ones who may have these kinds of needs.