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Estate planning can include family traditions

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Estate Planning

When people here in Florida think about preparing for the end of their lives, they may first think of how to handle their estate. While that is certainly of vital importance, one thing many people may not consider is how to manage more personal matters and possessions that an estate plan wouldn’t normally cover. Experts say that while every person needs to be sure to have a will and other provisions as part of estate planning, it makes sense to also think of how to ensure that family traditions or heirlooms are passed on to the next generation.

For some people, an old family recipe is just as precious as jewelry, though they may not be sure exactly how to pass it on. Experts say that the best thing to do is for the person to have an open dialogue with family members about each item and who the person wants to give it to. These might be difficult conversations to have, since most people don’t enjoy thinking about passing away, but it may be the best way to ensure that their wishes are honored.

Some people may decide to be more direct about how to pass on items like furniture or books. There are those who put actual notes on each item detailing which person is to receive it. This can be helpful for a family who may not be ready to have these kinds of discussions with their loved ones. However, it may not be a legal way to leave behind certain items.

The best way to ensure that people leave precious items to those they want to have them is to detail it as part of estate planning. A comprehensive estate plan prepared by an experienced attorney here in Florida is the most effective method for leaving a legacy after one passes away. That way, a person’s loved ones can go forward into the future with their happy memories of their family member, content in the knowledge that the estate was handled the way the person wanted.