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Stan Lee’s former business manager charged with elder abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Elder Law

Older generations have a great deal to teach those who are younger. However, they are also susceptible to abuse from those around them since they often experience changes in their mental and physical abilities due to age. It is imperative that senior citizens here in Florida are protected by a thorough estate plan, including directives for handling medical and end-of-life care. Recently, the business manager for the late Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee, has been accused of elder abuse. Authorities allege that the manager stole money from Lee and kept him from seeing his family against his will.

Prosecutors charged Lee’s former business manager with five counts of elder abuse, alleging theft and false imprisonment of an elder adult along with other charges. They claim that the manager took more than $262,000 from several autograph-signing sessions that Lee conducted back in 2018. They also say that the manager moved Lee into a condominium out of his home in Hollywood in order to have more control and influence over him.

Lee’s daughter filed a restraining order against the manager, saying that he was stopping Lee from seeing his family and friends and attempting to control his business and fortune. The business manager has entered a plea of not guilty after authorities arrested him in another state and returned him home to face trial. His representatives claim that he never abused Lee.

Stan Lee died late last year at the age of 95. His story shows exactly how important it is that seniors and their loved ones take action to ensure they are protected. A comprehensive estate plan is one of the best ways to make a person’s wishes known and prevent elder abuse. Those who are unsure of how to start an estate plan may wish to contact an attorney here in Florida with extensive knowledge of elder law.