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Congress considering legislation to improve veterans’ benefits

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Veterans' Benefits

The people who have served as members of the armed forces have done great things for this country. Many civilians feel that the least that can be done to thank them is to ensure that veterans have access to sufficient benefit programs and other resources to sustain their quality of life. Congress recently approved legislation that will benefit certain Navy veterans and improve other programs for all those who have served in the military. Supporters hope that these veterans’ benefits will have a positive impact nationwide, not to mention right here in Florida.

The veterans named in one part of the bill are known as “Blue Water” Navy vets. The Congressional Committee Chairman, Mark Takano, says this part of the bill is intended to extend benefits to veterans who have not had them for more than four decades. The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act will give benefits to several thousand veterans who fought during the Vietnam War and were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange. Studies have linked the poisonous herbicide to many different diseases, including multiple kinds of cancer.

The bill also covers veterans who served in other parts of the world and may have been exposed to Agent Orange. There are also several parts of the bill that will address suicide rates among vets, and help veterans transition to civilian life. Supporters are hopeful that the entire bill will be voted on in Congress before Memorial Day.

No matter the outcome of this proposed legislation, it is important that all of those who served in the military are able to fully access any veterans’ benefits that are available to them. Anyone who has questions about their military benefits here in Florida may want to consult with an attorney who has experience in this area of the law. An attorney can assist a family with filing for benefits and ensuring that they receive all applicable governmental assistance.