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How to co-parent after a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Divorce

For some Florida parents, it’s challenging to raise a child with someone they don’t necessarily get along with. This is a common situation after a divorce. However, the key to parenting after a split is to understand that the child’s best interest should be the top priority. Assuming that neither parent is abusive, they should both be active in the kid’s life.

Furthermore, neither parent should try to demonize the other or use the child as a way to get revenge. To reduce the chances of a conflict occurring, it’s important that both parents communicate effectively. This can be done by creating a custody or visitation calendar that’s posted at each parent’s home. There are also online tools designed specifically to help parents communicate more effectively.

Parents should be as honest as possible with their children when it comes to issues that may impact their lives. For example, it’s not a good idea to give a child hope that mom and dad could get back together again. As consistency can also be good for children, rules should be enforced equally regardless of who the child is staying with.

Child custody and support issues may be a key part of a divorce settlement. Generally speaking, parents have the right to determine for themselves the framework for a parenting plan. However, a judge will need to approve that plan, and child support amounts may be based on state guidelines. Those who are concerned about their parental rights and obligations after a divorce could benefit by speaking with an attorney. This may help when creating a strategy for negotiating a final divorce settlement.