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Medicaid planning important part of an estate plan

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Medicaid Planning

Families in Florida who are affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia know just how much work it can be to provide for a disabled family member. However, most families want whatever is best for their loved one and will do what it takes to ensure that they receive proper care. There are several things that experts recommend that families should do when establishing disability or Medicaid planning for someone with dementia.

The primary action to undertake is to assemble certain legal documents that will aid in the care of the patient. A financial power of attorney can designate someone who will handle financial choices for a patient who is unable to do so for him or herself. A medical power of attorney is very similar, except that it is meant for medical decisions. A personal care plan outlines the exact directives to care for someone who is unable to care for him or herself. The personal care plan can guide the person or persons who are designated as the medical and/or financial power of attorneys.

One of the most difficult issues that faces someone who is providing care to someone with dementia is determining how to pay for care. Sometimes, the family pays for the care, either financially or with their time. Long-term care insurance may be the best option for some, though that policy will need to be created before any disability is diagnosed. If the patient is a veteran, certain benefits may pay out to the patient or spouse of the patient that can help with associated costs. Medicaid may also be used in order to cover the cost of a long-term care facility.

Whatever a family decides, disability or Medicaid planning can be an important part of a complete estate plan. Anyone in Florida with questions on how best to set up this kind of estate plan can consult an attorney with experience in this area of the law. This way, families can focus on what is most important – providing their family member with the love and care they need.