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Creating a fitting parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2019 | Child Custody

After getting divorced, parents in Florida may find it difficult to manage a co-parenting schedule. Furthermore, they have to be careful and consider how this schedule will affect their little ones, an effect which can differ greatly depending on the child’s age.

During their early years, children tend to be dependent on a single primary caregiver, making them require consistency and stability in their lives, and they get stressed easily if they are separated from their caregiver for a prolonged period of time. So, with that in mind, toddlers and infants should have a schedule that allows them to spend all their time with the parent looking after them, yet they should also see their other parent frequently, say two to three days per week, so as to develop a healthy attachment to them as well.

As they grow up, children become less dependent on the primary caregiver, allowing them to spend more time with the other parent. Consequently, when they are in preschool, they can usually manage to spend up to two days away from the parent they were so connected to as infants. When they start primary school, they begin to have a life away from parents. Accordingly, they have an easy time staying with either parent and have an easier time connecting with the parent they aren’t living with.

Upon becoming teenagers, children become less predictable. For one thing, they can respond to the news of their parents getting divorced in numerous ways, which should come as no surprise as teenagers have grown their entire lives with both parents under the same roof. As a result of this change, some teenagers can become more independent, especially if they feel that they’ve lost the stability they knew as children.

Parents need to be cautious when trying to plan their children’s lives after a divorce and might benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced attorney.