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Considerations for co-parenting and child custody

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Child Custody

For divorcing couples who have kids, child custody can be a divisive issue. In the ideal case, the couple will work together to figure out how they can co-parent their children without involving attorneys or courts. In many Florida cases, though, the parents disagree as to the right custody arrangement. Parents who anticipate a custody battle can protect their rights by keeping a few important things in mind.

It’s important for the parents to be reasonable regarding visitation and custody requests, making sure they have the time to spend with the children. Relying on caretakers or other family members to watch the kids during allotted custody or visitation times is not ideal for the kids. The parents should also be aware of their emotions toward the other parent and not let negative personal feelings get in the way of the child’s best interests.

It is not the kid’s fault if the parents have problems with one another. That’s why each of the parents should be careful not to let their own animosity interfere with the child-raising process. If there is pain related to the relationship, the parents should try to let it go, rather than acting out in ways that are not beneficial to the children. The small things, like which type of sneakers the kids will wear, are not important enough to bring about contention.

Coparenting can be a healthy, effective way to raise children if the parents approach it with the right mindset. It often comes down to a cooperative attitude. In Florida divorce cases where child custody is an issue, an attorney might be able to help. An attorney with experience practicing family law could analyze the details of the case and suggest a child custody arrangement that meets the needs of the parties.