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Personality and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Divorce

Many factors can contribute to the end of a marriage. Florida residents should know that according to relationship experts, psychologists and divorce attorneys, people who have certain personality traits have an increased likelihood of getting a divorce.

Individuals who tend to engage in catastrophizing, or reacting to minor incidents with an overblown response, could have trouble maintaining a relationship. However, there are many cases in which insignificant incidents are magnified due to depression and anxiety. A spouse with a penchant for catastrophizing may go as far as to file for divorce for a minor issue, such as a partner coming home late from work.

A preoccupation with material items is another personality trait that may cause a marriage may fail. According to studies, if one or both spouses have a tendency to want or buy more things, their marriage is not likely to last.

Situations in which a spouse compulsively and excessive gives to the other spouse can result in a divorce as well. While caregiving can be a positive, this behavior is also indicative of emotional distance and may be a spouse’s subtle attempt to control the relationship. As a result, feelings of isolation and resentment may arise.

Although it may not be enjoyable, having disagreements is considered a necessary component of marriage as it provides a way for grievances to be addressed. Spouses who tend to avoid arguments may not be addressing issues that need to be resolved, and this can halt the progress of the relationship.

A divorce attorney may consider the factors of a divorce before advising a client about which legal strategy should be pursued. Depending on the circumstances, litigation may be used to obtain favorable divorce settlement terms.