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Getting back child custody

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2018 | Child Custody

Losing custody of children can be very difficult for Florida parents. However, the loss of custody doesn’t have to last forever. There are certain steps parents can take to regain their custody rights.

The decisions that family court judges make regarding custody issues are required to be based on the children’s best interests. A parent who has lost custody of their children should first try to understand the judge’s decision. Knowing the reason behind the custody decision can help one understand what they have to do to get back custody.

The assistance of a family law attorney could be necessary for a parent trying to gain back child custody. Referrals for legal representation can be obtained from trusted family members and friends. A parent may also want to consider consulting their local chapters of the Legal Aid Society or American Bar Association for leads.

Judges may consider awarding custody back to parents only on the condition that the parents take certain actions. Parents may be ordered to take parenting classes, obtain counseling or seek treatment for alcohol or drugs. Instead of objecting to the contingencies, parents should simply comply as soon as possible. Doing so may grant them favor with the court.

Once a parent has obtained legal representation and completed the actions the court ordered, they may ask for an in-home custody evaluation. This evaluation, which can be helpful in winning back custody, will give the court a current assessment of the home.

A family law attorney could provide valuable legal advice a client who has lost custody of their children. If necessary, the attorney may use litigation to resolve child custody disputes.