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Make a parenting schedule that works for parents, children

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Child Custody

One part of getting a divorce for parents in Florida is creating a parenting schedule. By collaborating together, parents can signal to their children that family still comes first despite the divorce.

There are pitfalls parents should avoid when creating the schedule. For example, they should not view it as an opportunity to get revenge or win a battle. It is critical for parents to put aside their differences and try to create a schedule that has the children’s best interests at heart. Parents also need to recognize that they may sometimes be inconvenienced by the schedule.

If one parent has been the primary caregiver, it can be hard for them to accept that the other parent can learn similar skills. However, it may be helpful to encourage equal caregiving. When creating the schedule, parents need to account for the child’s extracurricular activities and think about issues such as how the kid will get to school. Parents should try to minimize disruption as much as they can for children. For example, they might keep the same child care provider if possible. Older children may want to make their thoughts about the schedule known.

Parents should keep in mind that issues with child support payments should be addressed separately from the custody schedule. In other words, even if one parent stops paying child support, this does not give the other parent the right to violate the parenting schedule. In this situation, the parent who is owed support may want to contact the office of child support enforcement for assistance. Legal counsel could help with this process.