Understanding How Assets Are Divided In High-Asset Divorce

Most people who are getting divorced are concerned with two main things — maintaining a strong relationship with their kids and protecting their assets. However, even though there is a great deal on the line, many people do not know how to achieve their goals.

When individuals contact my firm – the Law Office of Donald Witmyer, P.A. – they will meet with an attorney who knows how to identify and valuate personal and business assets, and understands the importance of a good time-sharing arrangement.

Many people who contact me think that assets are simply divided in half. In reality, it tends to be more complex than that. For example, if a wife has a jewelry collection worth $50,000 and the husband has a gun collection worth $10,000, both spouses would likely want to keep their respective collections. However, because of the difference in worth, the husband would receive compensation from another part of the estate.

Identifying And Valuating Personal And Business Assets

To help ensure both partners receive a fair portion of the estate, one of the most important things a divorce attorney can do is properly identify the assets. For couples who have family businesses, this means working with an appraiser to determine an accurate value of the business.

I also work with couples to identify and valuate all personal assets. Many people don't realize how many valuable assets they have, but the equitable distribution should take all assets into account, including:

  • Stocks
  • Gold
  • Jewelry
  • Gun collections
  • Art collections
  • Televisions

Contact An Experienced High-Asset Divorce Attorney

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