An Advocate For My Clients Facing Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges is a stressful experience leading to serious legal consequences, often including a jail sentence and excessive fines. In the event that you have been charged with a criminal offense, hiring legal representation who is experienced with defense strategies is extremely important.

Why You Need An Attorney

With my experience as a criminal law attorney in Destin, I, Donald Witmyer, have handled the legal needs of hundreds of clients facing charges including drug offenses, DUI, robbery, assault, rape and theft, including all types of felony offenses. I pride myself in being an advocate for my clients in their criminal defense cases.

With my background as an active duty officer and military attorney (JAG), I have handled cases resulting in dismissals, acquittals and plea bargains. In addition to my work as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have acquired a thorough knowledge of the legal system, and in each case I fight to achieve the best possible outcome.

I believe in the judicial system, and as a criminal defense lawyer I strive to make sure that my clients are treated properly and fairly.

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If you are seeking legal representation or would like more information about my services, contact me — attorney Donald Witmyer — at my Destin, Florida, office to set up a consultation. You can reach me at 850-502-2047, toll free at 888-225-9567 or by contacting me online.